Who are transgender people and what they are

Transgender people are binary and non-binary.

Binary transgender people identify themselves as the opposite of their physiological gender. Thus, some transgender men use the term FtM (from the English female-to-male - “from woman to man”), and transgender women use the term MtF (male-to-female - “from man to woman”). Many of these people are trying to make a transgender transition - to bring their inner feeling and gender role to some kind of unity. To do this, you can change the name, documents, or with the help of medical interventions to change the sexual characteristics.

Non-binary transgender people initially disagree that gender and gender are only male and female. For example, agenders do not consider themselves to be either men or women, and bigenders can perceive themselves as a man or a woman, depending on their mood, interlocutor or environment.

It is impossible to define all existing gender identities because of their volatility and the impossibility of defining clear boundaries.

Contrary to a common misconception, transgenderness is not directly related to orientation and gender preferences in choosing a partner.

A study by Dr. Walter Bocking, professor of clinical psychology at Columbia University School of Nursing, found that among transgender women, 27% are attracted to men, 35% are attracted to women, and 38% are attracted to both sexes. Usually you can meet them on some of the best trans dating site.

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